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We are pleased to introduce you to 24 by RGI's unique and affordable 24 Karat Genuine Gold Glitter Nail Lacquer. Our nail polish applies easily and smoothly over a base coat...and when combined with our hi-gloss top coat, you will have strikingly gorgeous nails!

"This luxurious Nail Polish and Hi-Gloss Top Coat Duo celebrate the warmth and radiance of genuine gold for you to enjoy every day... Pure 24K Genuine Gold Glitter Nail Polish... the NAIL WORLD'S ONLY REAL GENUINE 24K GOLD GLITTER NAIL POLISH."

Order your genuine 24 k GOLD Nail Polish and Hi-Gloss Top Coat Duo Today for ONLY $19.95 

Includes Gift Packaging  & FREE SHIPPING!! 


24byRGI Gold Nail Lacquer Gift Set

The gold standard

24 by RGI Gift Set includes 24 K Genuine Gold Nail Lacquer and Hi-Gloss Top Coat. FREE SHIPPING. Shop here.

Pure Silver 24RGI by Deborah-Bel Aire Nails with silver pot.jpg

Introducing Genuine Loose Silver Glitter

Attention Nail Techs! Our pure, genuine loose silver glitter is a beautiful add-on for Acrylics, Gels and Gel Polish. Only $12.95 includes FREE SHIPPING. Shop here.

Take your glitter game up a notch!

Introducing our new 24k genuine gold loose glitter! Our glitter works beautifully when sprinkled on or mixed in with gel nails, gel polish, or acrylic. This genuine gold glitter can also be used for face and body accents. Only $12.95 includes FREE SHIPPING. Shop here.

Get creative with our 24 karat genuine gold Nail Art Striper

A specially formulated lacquer with a heavy concentration of 24 karat genuine gold glitter, ideal for nail art striping. Only $14.95, includes FREE SHIPPING. Shop now.